Biizey is a mobile, compound, but very convenient and easy to use management system for your company. You can use it for relationships with partners and customers (CRM), tracking payments, cash flow, debts and assets, for income forecasting and planning, issuance of invoices and other accounting documents. It works simultaneously on a mobile device as well as on a desktop computer. Additionally, you can print via our mobile Bluetooth printer when using the Biizey mobile app.

Digital Showroom

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Accessible for all registered companies. No anonymous spies. It is up to you to decide which company information to share – just like your own website.

Choose your main business activity, so the search engine may  put you higher in search results related to your business.

Increase number of your showroom likes for better business image.

Request a connection with a desired partner and their company data will be automatically added to your PARTNERS module, upon their approval.

Share your business news, directly on your showroom and you are automatically added to the main stream.

Share your company story, so that people and companies may get to know you better.

Announce your top offers , so that your partners may pay more attention to them.

Yes, you can trade your products and services directly to your partners. Easy and smooth.

Digital Office

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Your most important business information about your company at one place.

You can bring in all your colleagues. You can split them into business regions and assign one of the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Employee

Another very important module with very easy to use functionalities. Add your partners – Customers and vendors.

Create your product and services portfolio, assign individual characteristics, designate warehouse for each one of them.

  • This module is for admins only

You can manage as many warehouses as you might need. You can set them among your business regions, according to your company specifics. This module is helping you when:

  • You need to track your products availability.
  • Managing your inventory movements between warehouses.
  • You make reporting at a particular time.

Your  Receivables are a cornerstone of your business. Every sale of products and services is your receivable. This module is rich in functionalities, such as: :

  • creating recurring receivable from a selected customer
  • creating a duplicate from each receivable, so you could use it as a template for a new one.
  • Automatic creation of a respective documents – Delivery notes, Proforma Invoices, Invoices and/or Debit/Credit notes.
  • To upload additional documents from your laptop or mobile device.

Manage your payables with diligence for a better planning, forecasting and overall company management. This is the foundation of a successful business strategies. This module also allows you to: 

  • Set a recurring payable.
  • To duplicate each payable if you’d like to use it as a template for a new one.
  • To upload additional documents from your laptop or mobile device.

Вашият мениджър в джоба създава за Вас следните документи автоматично на Български и Английски:

  • Стокови разписки
  • Проформа Фактури
  • Фактури
  • Известия – кредитни и дебитни
  • Оферти

Един от най-полезните модули. Финансовият календар на elvis извежда за Вас нагледно всички Приходи и Разходи по дати и по категории – дали са изплатени или все още се дължат. Също така – тук проследявате и начисленият ДДС, което е също много полезно. В модула наблюдавате:

  • Всички платени приходи в месеца
  • Всички дължими приходи в месеца
  • Всички платени разходи в месеца
  • Всички дължими разходи в месеца
  • Всички бележки към партньорите и уговорените дати за контакт с тях – за перфектна организираност.

И разбира се – отчетността. Elvis ви съдейства и в комуникацията с Вашата счетоводна кантора. Издавайте с лекота отчет за:

  • Приходите и Разходите (финансов отчет), по избран от Вас период
  • Продажбите, по избран от Вас период и по служител
  • Складовете и складовите наличности.

ПОЛУЧАВАТЕ БЕЗПЛАТНО 500 МБ, без допълнително оскъпяване към Вашия абонамент – за първите 1000 документа*, които ще качите.

Двоен архив и интеграция – за максимално спокойствие на всички Ваши документи

Възможност да свържете вашия Elvis профил с профила си в – за допълнителен архив (дублиране) на всички качени в Elvis документи. може да работи и с чуждестранни валути. Добавете към основната валута (лев) и втората валута, с която работите, като регистрирате и съотношението й с основната. Това е достатъчно, за да издадете всяка фактура към “чуждестранен клиент” автоматично.

You exchange directly documents and data with fellow member companies

Digital Network

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New business opportunities

Search for products, companies, tags and other data, to find new partners and great deals.

Scroll for offers – locally and internationally, compare product and company advantages.

Yes, with no additional costs for paper and prints, you exchange all documents with your fellow partners and platform users.

"Biizey is my image maker. I do not hesitate to take advantage of digital supremacy for my business"
John Morley
"Finally, I get home on time, because my customers are using biizey. We save time, costs and digitalize processes. "
Amy Williams

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