Business partners

Dear partners,  

We are honoured to have the possibility to present to your attention our special partner conditions for licensing of a standard solution and customised development and implementation of Software solution for business management, modernisation, resource optimisation and production cost effectiveness in small and medium enterprises.

The proposal by Biizey

We have a leading principle of personalised attitude for all of our clients – to create and implement state of the art modern solution by customer’s desires. Therefore, we present to you a very dynamic system, that allows frequent updates and improvements. 

The development technology that we build upon our solutions is so called Agile methodology, or in other words – “flexible” methodology. Translated into practice, this means that customer has a role in the whole process to test, validate and confirm the solution while it is in customization development progress. This a cost effective methodology which after your feedback and testing, we finalise by additional settings, corrections and improvements so that the final solution totally responds to your requirements.

On the other hand – this also guarantees fully individual approach by our team and uniqueness of the whole process from the beginning to the end and even beyond, even after launch day.

INTUITION. MOBILTY. GREAT USER EXPERIENCE.  ALL THIS RESULTS IN GREAT COST EFFECTIVENSS AND RESOURCE OPTIMISATION. These are the main principles that we base our concept on. We know the value of your time and the time of your employees. Neither you nor them have the time to get familiar with new and complicated software solutions for their daily routine. And we know this well. Therefore, our intuitive software architecture and user experience are the basics for very short timing for software adoption and corporate integration.