General Terms and Conditions


Welcome to v. 2.1

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter “Conditions”) for use and subscribtion represent the legal framework for access, usage and subscription for – software as a service (hereinafter – “the Service”) and have a legal binding just like a signed agreement, between you and the service provider – Elvis.BG LTD. Elvis.BG LTD, legally registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and therefore in the EU, is a legal owner, developer and copyright proprietor of all contained at and all subdomains, as well as the Service, subject to these General Terms.

To gain access to the Service you have to agree with hereinafter Conditions in full and not in parts. If you already have access to the service and use it, it is considered that you agree with these Conditions and you agree with them in full. If you disagree with some or all Conditions, please do not use the Service! With the pressing of the button “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” you confirm the legal binding of acceptance of those Terms on your behalf. We suggest that you printout and store a copy of those Terms.

Description of Service.

Article 1. Essence

Paragraph 1.01 is a complex, Internet based system for organising management of fundamental business processes (hereinafter the System), specifically tailored for small and medium enterprises. In the process of development, new features and capabilities will be added with the sole purpose of a better satisfaction of operational management needs of customers.

Paragraph 1.02     The system is a management software and not an accounting software. The use of Service does not release customers from the legal obligation to handle lawfully all accounting paperwork with or without accounting services by third parties.

Paragraph 1.03     The service consists of a right to access to the System on subscription basis, as well as additional supporting services. The specific features and additional services, part of the subscription as well as it’s length in time are defined solely by the customer (user).

Paragraph 1.04     The system can be accessed via:

a.    Internet Browser from all types of Computer Operational systems, by mobile and office systems, laptops and tablets.

b.    The mobile app for smart mobile devices with Operational systems Android and iOS (as per system requirements in app description).

c.    Internet browser in mobile devices and smartphones.

d.    To access the system, the user needs also Internet access, which is not a subject to these Conditions and is subject to agreement between users and Internet service providers.

Article 2. Legal presentation and right to access.

Paragraph 2.01     In order to register as a User to the service, you must be:

(1)       Legally capable as a physical person to register personal account.

(2)      Legally capable as a physical person, officially authorised for legal representation of the legal entity, which would be registered to use the service. Only persons, legally authorised to represent legal entities can register those entities as corporate users in

(3)      Authorised by the Admin account of the particular entity to gain access to that corporate account, after you’ve registered your personal profile.

Article 3. Changes in these General Terms.

(1) can update and make changes in these terms on a regular basis or accidentally. Therefore, we recommend you keep track and review the changes regularly. You understand and agree, that your continuous use of Service, even after changes and updates of the general terms is confirmation of your agreement to the most current version of the General Terms.

(2)      For changes in the General terms you may be also notified by email, as well as you can always access the current version of them in the footer area after you logon to the System to use the service.

Article 4. As is

You understand and accept that the service is provided to you “As is” and “as much as it is developed”. The service may contain errors and inaccuracies that may cause disconnections, shortcomings, data loss and/or parts of data from your profile, your computer or peripheral devices. (including servers and other computers), that are connected in any way to the service

Article 5. Data storage by Service users (customers).

(1) strongly recommends that all users store their data and documents, generated by the service to another storage device on a regular basis while using the service.


(1)       In addition, is not obliged to deliver maintenance, technical support or other related to the service. Nevertheless,  in order to meet high standards of service, and according to corporate values and principles, has a business responsibility to work continuously for service improvement and enrichment of Service in order to satisfy in full business need of all customers.

Article 7. Access to and Change of Service. Additional services.

(1) may change at own discretion the regime of access to Service, market policy and campaigns, including but not limited to free of charge access even when there are already registered and active paid accounts.

(2) may change at own discretion, to stop or discontinue the Service (or parts of Service), temporarily or not, any time, or on a regular basis with or without preliminary notice. Without limitation of the later may announce in advance the upcoming of such changes via own web sites or via the Service.

(3)      In emergency braking and/or service limitations, which lasts longer than 24 hours, will reimburse all affected customers with the access extension equal to the emergency braking period.

(4) may at own discretion to change/update Services access fees and subscriptions  towards all new or current customers, related to marketing and other campaigns, as well as redefine, update and change the criteria that is a basis for fees formulation.

(5) may provide and deliver additional services, related to the Service, that offer operational improvement and effectiveness for users of the Service.

Article 8. Feedback.

As a part of Sevice usage and development, provides a module for customer feedback and suggestions, regarding your use of Service.

Article 9. Usage limitations.

(1)  may at own discretion set particular limitations of Service, including but not limited to capacity of data storage, number of registered users and periods for validity, access to expired documents and other data.

(2)      All users agree that are going to use the Service only with a purpose, described herein as well as in the Corporate agreement for Subscription and according to all applicable laws, legal frameworks and business practices.

(3) may at own discretion to change or set limitation of use over the Service at any time with or without notice.

Article 10. Force majeure.

(1)       Force majeure describes event or series of events, that are beyond ability or control of parties and that take direct or indirect effect over delivery of the Service. In this meaning, force majeure includes:

a.       Internet shortcomings and/or disconnections caused by external reasons.

b.       Hackers attacks.

c.       Attacks with denial of access to Service.

d.       Viruses and other malicious attacks and infections.

e.       Drastic legal framework changes, causing change of Service.

f.        Disconnections and/or power shortcomings.

g.       Business disputes with third parties.

h.       Natural disasters and accidents.

i.        Explosions and fire.

j.        Water floods.

k.       Riots.

l.        Terrorist attacks and wars.

Article 11. profile (account)

(1)       Activation. Personal profile. In order to be able to create your business corporate profile  of your company, a personal registration is needed (personal profile), as a physical person. With this personal profile you can create as many business corporate profiles as many companies you legally represent. The Service allows only one Corporate profile per company. You are personally responsible for every activity performed on behalf of your personal profile (personal or corporate) within the Service.

(2)      Subscription agreement. Corporate profile. When a personal profile is registered, the next step is to create Corporate profile. Only legal representative persons are eligible to create their respective corporate profile – company owners, company representatives, etc. The registration of a corporate profile of a particular legal entity in the Service also means that a  subscription agreement is also signed between the Service provider ( and the customer.

a.    That subscription sets the individual characteristics of corporate subscription such as terms, users, starting date and end date and other functionalities.

b.     The service is delivered to the customer, based on a preliminary configured parameters by the provider (so called Packs, and, or Plans), which the customer may choose and set upon their desire. The prices are also fixed to the related Packs.

c.    The customer receives a 1-month (30 days) free trial access for the first month of the initial registration of the corporate profile. After this period, the access is limited until payment of desired service plan has been made. The customer may choose not to pay and discontinue Service use after the free trial period, upon their own discretion. In this case, the Customer does not owe anything to the Provider.

d.    Customer, upon their own discretion, may choose to pay the service fee according to desired service plan prior the 30 day free trial period. In this case, amounts for unused days from the free trial are not reimbursed.

e.    Customer, upon their own discretion, may choose additional plans/ add-ons and other services to their corporate profile at any time, during a valid ongoing subscription plan. In this case, the Service automatically calculates all amounts due.

f.    Customer accepts that Service provider is a private data administrator, according to EU regulations, and with these qualities, the latter may collect, administer and organise personal data according to Service delivery purposes.

g.    Customer, upon their own discretion may update, change or discontinue the term of the subscription plan of a corporate profile at any time.

h.    The Service offers an automated continuation of the selected subscription plan (respectively – Subscription agreement) until the moment, when Customer choses to stop it. The cancelation of this automated continuation can be executed by the owner (initial registrar) of the Corporate profile, from the  Main Menu > Settings > Subscription plans > Cancel subscription. This cancelation discontinues the automated subscription, but it does not discontinue Customer access to the service for the already paid subscription period.

i.    All subscription plans may be discontinued by Customer at any time  but amounts for already started and unfinished subscription periods will not be reimbursed.

j.    In case of a violation of the term that the Corporate profile registrar has not been authorised or without proper rights to represent the company of the registered corporate profile, subscription payments will not be reimbursed. The Corporate profile may be suspended until hard copy signed notice from the respective company representative is sent to the Service provider, confirming proper authorisation of the initial registrar.

k.    The payments for desired subscription plans is executed through bank credit/debit cards, according to world class services and standards for card payments and transactions. uses the services of, and the customer of the service receives automatically invoice for every transaction.

l.    Personal bank data, credit/debit cards personal data and other sensitive information are NOT stored on any of the servers providing the Service. stores only the last 4 digits of the bank (debit/credit) card and the card type (visa, mastercard, maestro, etc) only for customer orientation purposes. (which of their cards has been used in the previous transactions). Full bank data, credit/debit cards personal data and other sensitive information is only stored in the global service

m.    These subscription terms are a standard for all corporate account registrations and are part of the Terms of Service for

n.    These subscription terms and all of the Terms and Conditions are counted as read, understood and agreed upon if the Customer continues the use of  the Service and/or continues the payments of the subscription plans after official publication and/or announcement of the most recent Terms and Conditions.

Article 12. Access password. Personal responsibility of users.

Paragraph 12.01 strongly recommends that you use strong password for your account. Also, we strongly recommend that you change your password on a regular basis, so that hacking of your account become highly limited. You agree that you are solely responsible for keeping  your password with confidentiality and for every activity that has been performed from your account (personal and corporate).

Article 13. No resale and representation, copying, duplicating or sales.

You are not authorised by any means to resell corporate accounts in the Service or to represent as a sales agent. Any copying, duplication, sale of a similar service (or part of the service), re-subscription and/or trading or registering corporate accounts of real entities that are not your property, or you are not an official representative of, will be considered as violation of these General terms. All violators will be  subject to full responsibility according to respective laws and regulations.

Article 14. Confidentiality

(1)       Guarantee for inviolability of information containing personal data. declares commitment to ensure, as much as possible, inviolability of information containing personal data, provided by users through sign up forms or electronic correspondence.

(2) is a registered legal entity according to the Law for Personal data, so called Administrator for personal data. According to this law, has the right manage personal data. Also, can decline and/or deny registration as well as delete registration of false, misleading, concealing and/or abusive information.

(3)      By accepting those General Terms, you agree to disclose your personal information for management by, according to the respective law in Republic of Bulgaria, including the Law for Personal Data and the Law of electronic correspondence.

(4)     By accepting those General Terms, you agree that your personal data may be used by the authorised personnel and government personnel in the case of a fraud or other form of crime investigation, according to the law.

Article 15. General policy of in delivering the Service is that ALL PERSONAL DATA IS MANAGED AND HANDLED IN A STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY REGIME.


(2) will not in any occasion provide data for particular users to third parties, government structures and private organizations, other than reasonable occasion of ongoing or executed crime. We value extremely information confidentiality and it is a Top priority subject in our Service.

(3) may extract general summarized data by industry, country, markets and other characteristics for the purpose of statistics and Service development, as in this process the rule of strict confidentiality is also involved.

(4)     Personal data, collected by, during process of registration is solely with the purpose of identity check, validation of right to represent  the legal entity, created by the user. Collected data by is limited to:

a.    First and Last name

b.    Official address of residence, by ID card or passport.

c.    Date of Birth

d.    Email address.

(5)      Personal data, collected by Elvis from registered users will be solely used for maintaining user profile of the person and legal entity profiles created by that person – for account subscription fees and accounting, invoicing and newsletter updates. The data may also be used for other purposes and/or services, additionally selected by users with their informed conscience.

(6) insists that all users must be very careful in the use of their personal data on the Internet. Please, do not give and/or allow any site that you are not aware of it’s origin on the Internet to acquire your personal data. In case of a doubt, please contact us via:

Your secure data is our first priority!

Article 16. Conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Paragraph 16.01     The General Data Protection Regulation is all about protecting personal data of physical persons. It is not about corporate data and data exchanged between legal entities in relation to their business relationships. The end date of 25th of May 2018 for GDPR conformity is also valid and conformed for the platform

Paragraph 16.02   New functionalities, that will present to users after 25th of May 2018 will meet the requirements by the General Data Protection Regulation. These functionalities are:

(1)       Explicit conscience by users with additional checkboxes at the time of registration what particular data shall be collected. (see Article 15 (4)

(2)      Functionality to delete personal profile and be “totally forgotten”, without the option to data recovery. In these cases, when users of prefer to fully delete their profile, will not store data, related to them and may identify them and/or legal entity profiles (organization profiles) created by them, except logs for the purpose of criminal investigations and possible law violations by unauthorized users.

(3)      Documents created by (invoices, notes, offers, etc.) will be stored for 12 months since the date of corporate profile deletion, that has been deleted by the profile owner. This term is enforced to secure accounting purposes of third parties, related to the deleted corporate profile.

(4)     Additional functionality to inform third parties (customers of users) for the type of stored data by their counteragents ( users). Moreover, users can be informed in case their customers no longer wish to allow users to store their data.

(5)      Automatic deletion of user profiles and their related business profiles due to full inactivity for more than 6 months. Full inactivity means lack of any access and/or active sessions (after login with username and password). In these cases, is not responsible for deleted data. Documents, issued through the platform by a business profile that has been automatically deleted due to full inactivity will be stored for 12 months after since for accounting purposes of third parties, related to the deleted corporate profile.

Article 17. Content and user behaviour.

Paragraph 17.01    Content

(1)       „Content“ means every information, that may be created or obtained with the use of Service, as well as files, text, software, music, graphics, sounds, images, video, messages and other materials..

(2)      You accept that every content, publicly published, or personally forwarded via the Service is a personal responsibility of the person initially created this content. That means that you and not, are personally responsible for every content that you upload or download to/from the System, or store and forward to third parties trough the Service.

(3) does not control content, published on the platform as well as does not guarantee for accuracy, lack of mistakes or quality and integrity. You use the system at entirely your own risk and responsibility.

Paragraph 17.02  Links to other sites.

(1) is not responsible for information (including completeness), published in third party websites, linked in any way to the Service.

Paragraph 17.03  User behaviour (your behaviour).

(1)       You solely agree that you WILL NOT use the service for:

1)          Load (upload), download, post, send, transmit, store or make available any content that is unlawful, defamatory, threatening, harmful, offensive, violent, vulgar, invasive of another’s privacy and confidentiality, hateful, racist, discriminatory on ethnic or religious grounds, or other unwanted content.

2)          persecution, insult, threat or harm others.

3)          Pretending that you are someone you are not. You may not pretend that you are somebody else, (including celebrities) or inaccurately represent yourself. Also, you may not impersonate any organization, to create corporate profile in the system if you are not qualified, eligible and authorised to do so. In an event of such violation, will suspend any access to counterfeit profiles in the system.

4)          Participating in copyright infringement or violating other rights of intellectual property, as well as disclosing any commercial information and business secrets subject to non-disclosure agreement, labour contracts or other documents that treat sensitive information;

5)          To modify or change TCP-IP header, or part of the title information in an email or a post, or in any other way to expose information in the title, that is misleading and deceitful to its recipents regarding all content transferred, created or forwarded via the “Service” (“manipulation”)

6)          To upload, publish, send and forward or make accessible in any way content, that contains viruses or other computer code, files or programs, created to harm, mislead, damage or limit the normal work of the Service (or parts of the Service) as well as any other software or hardware;

7)          To interfere, interrupt and try to damage the Service (including with an automated scripts for access, processes and web crawlers), or any servers and networks, connected with the Service, as well as infringement of any policy, regulation or requirements for networking related to the Service (including unauthorised access, monitoring of information and data, or traffic monitoring).

8)          To plan and/or participate in any illegal activity.

9)          To collect and store information for other users of the Service, which may be used for above described violations.

Paragraph 17.04  Removal of content.

(1)       You acknowledge that is not responsible in any way for content, provided by third parties and is not obliged to validate prior publishing such content. Nevertheless, has its sole right to define at any time what content is appropriate and in correspondence with these General terms of use and may eventually validate preliminary, move, deny, change or delete content at any time, without notice, at own discretion any content that violates these General terms or in any way it is subject of disputes.

Paragraph 17.05  Backup (storing and archiving) of your content.

(1)       You are responsible for backup (storing and archiving) to your personal computing system or other device, of all important documents, images or other content which you may create, store and/or access via the Service. does not guarantee that every Content, which you create, store and/or access via the Service will be fully protected from damage, alterations or loss.

Article 18. Access to your profile and your content.

(1)       You acknowledge that with authorized personnel may access, use, store and/or dispose your content, according to applicable law, ONLY in case of:

a.    To prevent a crime or other violation of the law.

b.    To investigate violations.

c.    Detect, prevent and stop security violation attempts, confidentiality breaches, counterfeits or other technical issues.

d.    To protect and defend rights, property and security of, Service users  and other people according to applicable law.

Article 19. Violation of these General terms by third parties.

If, while using the service, you face content, which may be considered inappropriate, or you are convinced that it violates these General terms, please contact us at:

Article 20. Published or shared content by you within the Service.

License from you.

Paragraph 20.01  Excluding the content that we own the copyrights of, does not pretend for copyrights or ownership rights over materials and/or content which you create or make accessible through the Service. Nevertheless, with creating and publishing content at the Public parts of the Service, you give all global rights to, free of all charges to pubish, broadcast, adapt, translate and publicly transmit this content, only for the purpose of general statistics and development of the Service, WITHOUT disclosing any confidential information, part of every corporate or personal account.

Article 21. Trade mark

Paragraph 21.01   The website, logo and other trademarks, graphics and logos, used in relation to the service belong to LTD.

Article 22. Software. Copyright of

Paragraph 22.01 solely is the owner of all rights on the System and the Service and all software (including all content), and all that is provided to customers as a Service is part of this system. The system and the Service are a subject to intellectual property of Service provider and the confidential information, related to them is protected by applicable law.

Paragraph 22.02 The whole content of this system (and website), that you use is a subject to intellectual property and copyright. You may access, load and printout particular pages and/or segments only if you do not violate applicable copyright laws and other related laws. You can not reproduce (in full or in parts), to forward (electronically or other way), to modify, alter, to connect with and link to this System for a commercial or any other purpose without written consent by

Paragraph 22.03 The font, used in the concept of is provided exclusively with the suppot of

Paragraph 22.04 Copyright from grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to use the Service, which is pat of the system, according these General Terms. This limited license is granted only when  you do not (and anybody you may let) copy, alternate, create derivative works, recover, decompile or reveal source code in any other way, to sell, sublicense or grant the License to third parties.

Article 23. Software (Service) updates

As a part of the Service, you will receive updates on a regular basis, that may be automatically applied to your account and your device. These updates may contain bug fixes, errors, new functionalities, improvements or entirely new versions of the Software. You acknowledge that these automatic updates may be performed without your consent..

Article 24. Account termination.

User account termination by you.

Paragraph 24.01  You may terminate your profile and/or stop using the Service at any time. If you have already purchased a subscription for a future period, when you would like to discontinue Service use, reimbursement of subscription fees will not be performed.

User account termination by

Paragraph 24.02 According to particular circumstances, may terminate (in full or in parts) or limit access to your account without your consent and without notice. Reasons for such may include but it is not limited to:

a.    Violation of these General terms of use or other policies and requirements, published officially by

b.    Request by you to terminate your profile.

c.    Discontinuation of the Service or general and fundamental modification and reconstruction of the Service.

d.    Court judgement or other legal act to conform legislation.

e.    Unexpected and/or adverse technical complications and obstacles, as well as security issues.

f.    Your participation in illegal and fraudulent activities regarding the Service.

Paragraph 24.03 Profile termination scope. In the occasion of profile termination, you loose access to your profile in the Service, as well as all parts, including documents and information which you have created and published.

Paragraph 24.04 Any such termination or account limitation by is according to corporate values and principles for rule of law and confidentiality. In these occasions, does not take any responsibility towards you and/or third parties for damages, that may be a result of such termination or access limitation to your profile or to the Service in general.

Article 25. Reimbursement of Subscription fees

In all occasions, hereby described in Art. 24 (24.01 and 24.02), for account termination, does not reimburse subscription fees for leftover periods.

Article 26. Warranties and Responsibility of Use. Limits of Liability.

Paragraph 26.01  You expressly understand and accept that the use of Service is at your own risk and the Service is provided to you “as is” and “whatever is available”. and all of its subsidiaries,  employees, directors, representatives, partners and licensors  expressly waive all liability from any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties  for merchantability, adequacy for a particular purpose and inviolability. In particular, and all of its subsidiaries, employees, directors, representatives, partners and licensors do not guarantee that:

a.    Service satisfies your requirements.

b.    Use of service will be prompt, timely, constant, secure and without errors;

c.    Any information, acquired by you while using the Service will be prompt, accurate and trustworthy.

d.    Service and the System will be without any defects or software errors that you may have discovered and that will be corrected at the most suitable time for you.

Paragraph 26.02 Materials and data transmitted, stored or otherwise disposed in any other way  by use of the Service is at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your device or loss or corruption of data resulting from the use the service. You further acknowledge that the service is not intended or appropriate for use in situations or environments where there is an increased risk of failure or waiting time for data loading, or errors or inaccuracies in the content, data or information provided by the service provider can lead to any loss (financial and material) death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage.

Paragraph 26.03 maintains data in systems and services, which does not exclude the possibility of technical errors. not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way to your access or use of this site.

Paragraph 26.04 All information on this site and the on the Service is presented a form which is subject to change without notice. This information is provided in accordance with current legislation without any guarantee of its suitability for a particular purpose, inviolability and security against computer viruses and other threats.

Paragraph 26.05 not responsible for the volume, accuracy and completeness of information.

Paragraph 26.06 The use of data and information contained in this site is a sole initiative and will, for the account and risk and responsibility of the user, subject to the restrictions in favor of the copyright holder –, a Copyright and Related Rights. Users are responsible for the perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information contained in this site.

Paragraph 26.07 not responsible for the correct accounting and accounting services by third parties to clients of the service because not accounting software.

Paragraph 26.08 The use of the Service does not exempt its users (individuals and legal entities) from the obligation to keep properly and lawfully their accounting  books, balances and reports, which may require use of third party (professional accounting services) services or to use respective accounting software if the particular case demands it.

Paragraph 26.09 The responsibility for keeping proper accounting books, balances, according to the legislation is the sole responcibility of the physical and legal persons, and not of

Paragraph 26.10 does not guarantee free and uninterrupted access to the Service.

Article 27. Limited liability

Paragraph 27.01     You expressly understand and agree that and its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, directors, agents, partners and licensors shall not be liable to you on any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, financial loss, loss of profits, goodwill, information, cost of using similar services, or other intangible losses (even if were informed of the possibility of such damages), resulting from:

a)       the use or inability to use the service;

b)       any service changes related to temporary or permanent cessation of service or part thereof;

c)        unauthorized access to or modification of transmitted data;

d)       deletion, corruption or failure to storing and / or sending or receiving data transferred on or through the Service

e)       statements or conduct of third parties related to the service; and

f)         all other matters, related to the service.

Article 28. Compensation

You agree to defend, indemnify and release of responsibility and its officers, directors, contractors, agents, partners and licensors (if any) and to cover attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by third parties on or derived from:

a.    any content that you post, transmit or make available through the Service

b.    your use of the service

c.    any violation of these Terms of Use Service

d.    your violation of the rights of other users and / or related service entities. This onus remains in force even after deleting these Terms of Use and / or your discontinued use of the Service.

Article 29. Electronic messages may send you electronic messages related to the Service, including notification for changes in these General Terms, or publications on the website or inside the Service.

Article 30. Applicable law.

Applicable law is Bulgarian legislation and related laws of the European Union for electronic services and international trade. Every dispute between you and may be reasonably mediated before going to court, exclusively before Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (

Article 31. Framework

These General Terms of Use constitute the agreement between you and and define your use of the Service. Also, you may be subject to additional terms and conditions when you use additional services, third party content or third party software.

Article 32. Validity of these General Terms

The English version of these conditions is established and updated on May 19, 2018 and are valid from 00:00 on the 26th of May 2018 and are valid until newer updates.